Praat on the Web Praat on the Web

This system is an implementation of the widely used speech analysis tool Praat as a web application with an extended functionality for feature annotation. In particular, Praat on the Web addresses some of the central limitations of the original Praat tool and provides (i) enhanced visualization of annotations in a dedicated window for feature annotation at interval and point segments, (ii) a dynamic scripting composition exemplified with a modular prosody tagger, and (iii) portability and an operational web interface. Speech annotation tools with such a functionality are key for exploring large corpora and designing modular pipelines.

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Domínguez M, Latorre I, Farrús M, Codina-Filbà J, Wanner L. Praat on the Web: An Upgrade of Praat for Semi-Automatic Speech  Annotation. 26th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2016) Osaka, Japan p. 218-222

Praat on the Web audio annotation tool

Online Patent summarization Demo Online Patent summarization Demo

Online demo of the patent summarization system. The system performs a linguistic analysis of the patent document, selects the most important passages and combines them in an abstractive summary.

The Demo is the result of several european projects and the experience in our group on patent processing.

To use the demo please contact  joan dot codina at upf dot edu to ask for a user/password


TALN Technologies TALN Technologies

This video is about the research that is carried out by the TALN group, Tractament Automatic del Llenguatge Natural (Natural Lenguage Processing), at Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. 

PatExpert Summarization Demo (Part I) PatExpert Summarization Demo (Part I)

Summarization and paraphrasing of patent claims.


PatExpert Summarization Demo (Part II) PatExpert Summarization Demo (Part II)

Summarization and paraphrasing of patent claims.


This video shows how to create summarization applications with the SUMMA toolkit.

SUMMA is a set of language and processing resources implemented using the GATE NLP framework.