Internship opportunities for SMC students

The SMC Master has a network of academic and industrial partners that offer internship positions to the students. Some internships can be carried out during the academic year while others can take place at the end of the academic year. Through these internships, the SMC students have the opportunity of getting a real experience in R&D work.

The research labs of the MTG and other local academic and industrial centers often offer internships that are compatible with the work to be done in the Master and that can be done in the context of the master thesis. The interns work on tasks related to their thesis project in the host organization under the supervision of senior staff while attending the master courses and activities. In case the internship supervisor is not a faculty of the UPF, a co-supervisor from the SMC master is in charge to ensure that the academic requirements of the project are met. Results of the internship work are part of the master thesis, thus to be publicly defended by the student at the UPF.

When the internships are not compatible with doing the courses and having the necessary dedication to the master, the internship can be carried out during the summer. These internships are typically for 3 months (extendable) and start after finishing the academic year of the master. Each organization might offer different conditions for the internships regarding starting date, allowance money, travel costs, and accommodation.

Organizations interested in offering internship positions please contact via email Frederic Font.

Here are some of the companies and centers that have offered internships to SMC students in the last few years:

Program Coordinator: Xavier Serra
Administration contacts: Núria Figuls
Office 55.018
Tanger Building; Communication Campus of the UPF
Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona

 (+34) 93 542 2611

[email protected]

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