Internship opportunities for SMC students

The SMC Master has a network of academic and industrial partners that offer internship positions to the students. A typical internship lasts the whole 9 months of the academic year (from October to June), during which a student takes courses and in parallel carry out the proposed project under the joint supervision of the MTG and the industrial partner.  

The steps for defining and carrying out an internship are:

  1. The company and the MTG agree on a set of possible topics and on the project conditions (calendar, IP, supervisors, …).
  2. The MTG does a pre-selection of candidates among the current Master students and the company makes the final choice.
  3. The project is carried out following the academic calendar of the Master. Once the academic year ends, the student can do a stay in the company.

Organizations interested in offering internship positions please contact via email Sonia Espi.

Here are some of the companies and centers that have offered internships to SMC students in the last few years: