Theoretical and Cognitive Neuroscience (TCN) Group Theoretical and Cognitive Neuroscience (TCN) Group

Connecting Brain to Mind with Computational Neuroscience

Recently, some of the neuronal correlates of high level cognitive functions, such as decision making, working memod attention, have been uncovered. Neurophysiologists, powered with new recording techniques, are obtaining crucial information about the neuronal mechanisms that underlay the perception of the objects, confidence in our decisions or our perception of time. With these neuronal recording techniques, we are for the first time in a position to unravel some of the complex mechanisms that underlay basic psychological phenomena.

In our lab we combine cognitive and computational neuroscience with the analysis of neuronal and behavioural data to understand how neuronal dynamics underlies cognitive functions, such as perception and decision making, and to describe complex multielectrode recording neuronal data. Given the broad scope of the problems that we face and the variety of methods required, our lab is multidisciplinary, involving techniques from psychology, physics, mathematics and neuroscience.

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Rubén Moreno Bote

Serra Húnter Professor

Center for Brain and Cognition & DTIC

Mercè Rodoreda building (Ciutadella campus)
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27
08005 Barcelona

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One fully funded PhD position available, Deadline: June 2018

The prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute funds our research. In the press La Vanguardia. Interview in La Vanguardia. May 2017

Our group in the press ABC, La Vanguardia, El Punt AvuiMarch 2017

Belén Sancristobal, a new post-doc in the lab, welcome! January 2017

We congratulate Alex Hyafil for his Joven Investigador fellowship, he will join us in April 2017

The Schmitt Foundation funds our group and David Samu, a new post-doc in the lab. June 2016

Our group in the newspapers link & link. March 2016

FLAG ERA project funded. Oct 2015

We congratulate Gabriela Mochol for getting a Juan de la Cierva Award. She will join the lab soon as a post-doc. Sep 2015

I just arrived to the UPF as a Serra Húnter Professor. Wish me luck in my new teaching duties! Sep 2015