Face-to-face classes

The recently published notice from the management of the Universitat Pompeu Fabra establishes the return to face-to-face classes for all students from the beginning of the academic year. In accordance with this objective of maximum face-to-face attendance, in general, the classes will be taught in face-to-face format, with the professor and all students present in the classroom.

Consult the timetable and classrooms. (2021-22)

Schedule course 2022-23 New-Provisional!

The presence will be conditioned at all times by the decisions taken by PROCICAT. 


Full-Time Students

The requirements for full-time students are the following: three obligatory courses (15 ECTS credits); six optional courses (30 ECTS credits); Master´s thesis (15 ECTS credits). Optional courses are divided into two modules -- Global Themes and Transnational Studies. Students must take a minimum of two courses (10 ECTS) from each module.

Part-Time Students

Part time students have the same degree requirements mentioned above as full time students. Part time students must take all obligatory courses and complete a minimum of 30 ECTS in the first year, and must reserve the Master's Thesis for the second year. Part-time students may choose to distribute optional courses as he or she sees fit over the course of two academic years, providing he or she completes a minimum of two courses (10 ECTS) from each of the two groups (Global Themes and Transnational Studies

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