Atrás Film Shooting in Sidi Moussa

Film Shooting in Sidi Moussa

The TRANSGANG project carried out film shooting in Sidi Moussa for it's North African documentary

Imatge inicial

From 19th til 27th of Septembre film shooting was carried in Sidi Moussa, a conurbation of Salé-Rabat in Morocco. The film maker Boris Svartzman, together with researchers of the TRANSGANG team, accompanied young men and women in their daily activities and neighbourhood and asked about their lives and life projects, in a very enriching process.

The protagonists symbolize unfulfilled wishes, but still clinging to their passion and dreams in very difficult circumstances. Escaping state gaze and family control, youngsters are in a constant search for survival and realization of dreams.

Now in post-production, the documentary will be finished by the end of the year and soon available to see. 



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