Vés enrere Related Thesis won “2nd AIPO best Master Thesis” contest

Related Thesis won “2nd AIPO best Master Thesis” contest


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The Master Thesis, called “Lands of Fog, Implementation and Evaluation of a Full-body Interaction Virtual Environment for Promoting Social Behaviors in Children with Autism”, which was done by Ciera Crowell, has recently won the second AIPO contest on the best Master ThesisAIPO is the “Asociación Interacción Persona-Ordenador” (Association for Human-Computer Interaction), an organization which aims to promote and disseminate activities and research related to human computer interaction in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. This means that a Master Thesis about technology and autism has won a contest which includes a really large population of researchers in the HCI domain.

Linik to the contest results: Resultados 2º Concurso AIPO de TFG/TFM, 2016

Ciera has kept doing research and now is doing a PhD on “Analysis of Interaction Design and Evaluation Methods in Full-Body Interaction for Special Needs: Collaborative Virtual Environments for Improving Socialization in Children with Autism”, in UPF.

The thesis was focused in the assessment of “Lands of Fog”. Find the Master Thesis in the following link: Ciera Crowell’s Master Thesis “Lands of Fog”.



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