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  • Students UE: 1,800 €
  • Non EU Students: 5,749.8 €


From September to June, Timetable Afternoons schedule


1 academic year full time, 2 academic years part time (60 ECTS credits)





Course type


PhD to which it grants access

Phd in Information and Communication Technologies

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The students can specialise in one of three different tracks: Big DataIntelligent Robotics, and Interactive Communication Technologies, offered by the Master and learning about languages, models, algorithms of interactive intelligent systems, and will be exposed to top level research in the area. In particular, the master's programme aims to provide students with:

  •  A solid background on state-of-the-art models and algorithms for the analysis and design of intelligent interactive systems.
  •  A point of entry to top international research in the area where the contributions are made.

Research project and internship

Students must carry out a research project within the context of one of the Pompeu Fabra University research groups. As part of their project, students may do an internship in one of these research groups or at a company in the industry.

Knowledge, skills and competences acquired

  • The ability to develop real and virtual agents, such as robots, to interact with a physical environment, humans and other agents.
  • Knowledge of the models and algorithms needed to address learning, action and interaction in real or virtual environments that may include humans and other agents.
  • The ability to incorporate intelligence and interactivity in a wide range of applications, such as video games, the Internet, manufacturing and robotics.

Internal Quality System