Introduction to mobile robotics covering practical and theoretical aspects. Course will involve basic notions of robot locomotion, perception, localization, and action; robot architectures, and projects on real robots.


  • Introduction: problem statements, typical applications.
  • Locomotion with legs and wheels
  • Mobile Robots Kinematics and motion control
  • Perception 1: Sensors
  • Perception 2: Uncertainties, Line Features
  • Perception 3: Vision
  • Localization 1: Introduction and odometry error model
  • Localization 2: Probabilistic map based localizaation and Markov localization
  • Localization 3: Kalman filter localization
  • Planning and Navigation: Introduction, path planning, obstacle avoidance, decomposition
  • SLAM
  • Agent architectures for mobile robots


  • Introduction to autonomous mobile robots (2nd), Roland Siegwart and Illah R. Nourbakhsh, MIT Press, 2011.
  • Mobile robots : inspiration to implementation (2nd) ,Joseph L. Jones, Anita M. Flynn,A K Peters, 1999 Edició 2nd. ed.
  • Autonomous robots : from biological inspiration to implementation and control / George A. Bekey,  MIT Press, 2005
  • Probabilistic robotics, S. Thrun, Wolfram Burgard, Dieter Fox,  MIT Press, 2005


  • Projects 40%
  • Exams 30%
  • Oral Presentations 30%