Back Seminar "Intersectional peacebuilding: feminist dynamics of Colombian women in exile"

Seminar "Intersectional peacebuilding: feminist dynamics of Colombian women in exile"


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Next week, we will be hosting our monthly seminar. On this occasion, we will have the pleasure of hearing from Gina Wirz-Suárez, a PhD candidate in Sociology at the Geneva Graduate Institute. She is also a visiting researcher in our group and will be staying with us until the end of April.

The presentation will take place on February 14, 2:30-3:30 pmin Room 40.249 (Roger de Llúria building). If you can´t attend in person you can join us online:

Hope to see you all there!



How can we comprehend the roles of the exile population within peace processes? How might the distinctive contributions of women's participation be illuminated? This research enriches the dialogue on intersectional peacebuilding by underscoring the imperative of acknowledging and incorporating the diverse experiences and perspectives of women, especially those in exile, into the peacebuilding framework. By examining the recent instance of Colombia's post-peace proceedings and the Truth Commission spanning from 2016 to 2024, my study delves into the intricate layers of peacebuilding through the prism of feminist ethnographic methodologies, focusing on the political engagement of women in exile. The study is firmly grounded in the intricate dynamics between Transitional Justice and the extensive repercussions of Colombia's peace accord, accentuating the acknowledgment of exile as a manifestation of victimization.

Central to this research is thorough fieldwork executed in Geneva and Barcelona, presenting a transnational perspective that connects local Colombian contexts with global peacebuilding narratives. The research meticulously scrutinizes the propagation of gender discourse within these transnational arenas, illuminating how Colombian women in exile shape and redefine their identities and self-perceptions. This scrutiny gains prominence against the backdrop of the peace accord, wherein the integration of gender perspectives into peacebuilding concerns has arisen as a pivotal issue, mirroring a wider shift towards embracing inclusivity and recognizing a spectrum of experiences in post-conflict environments.

The involvement of women in exile transcends mere presence, intertwining profoundly with the broader mechanics of peacebuilding and transitional justice. The findings of this investigation highlight that the experiences of these women symbolize the extensive struggles and obstacles encountered by women in conflict and post-conflict situations. Their narratives, actions, and insights epitomize a brand of activism that surpasses geographic confines, contributing to a transnational feminist comprehension of peacebuilding.



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