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Salvador i Mata ,Bertran

Departamento de Comunicación
Researcher and Deputy-Coordinator

Bertran Salvador i Mata is a graduate in Human Biology (Pompeu Fabra University) and has a master's degree in Pharmaceutical Industry and Biotechnology (UPF) and in Comparative Studies of Literature, Art and Thought (UPF). He is currently a collaborating researcher at the Research Group in Scientific Communication (GRECC) and the Observatory of Scientific Communication (OCC).

Among the research fields to which he has dedicated himself, are cell aging, 3D printing in biomedicine, biological philosophy, the history of science and the study of pseudosciences in the Spanish context, publishing their results in scientific journals .

In his work as a science popularizer, he has written a book for National Geographic (Bioremediation. Reverting climate change), published by the RBA publishing house and distributed in Spain, Italy, Mexico and France.

In the field of the humanities he has studied the concept of biological philosophy, presenting a Final Master's Work on “Freedom and teleology in the biological philosophy of Hans Jonas. Rethink human responsibility ”, obtaining the highest qualification. He has written cultural articles for digital media about philosophy, literature and cinema.

Additionally, he has participated in three literary anthologies and has been awarded with up to five awards from the Pompeu Fabra University for three stories, a play and an essay.