The social urgency of a growing elderly population: Building sustainable home care services.

The projections by the Spanish Statistics Office suggest the over-65s will make up more than 25% of the population by 2033, i.e., almost 12 million people, of whom near 4 million will be over-80s. In a recent study, this office also indicates that nowadays more than 2 million people over the age of 65 live alone in Spain. Consequently, home care service costs have increased.

Thus, this project proposal focuses on this growing ageing section of the population in Spain and the need of optimizing the home care services (minimizing the associated costs) required to fulfil their wellness. The main idea is to guarantee the quality of life of elderly people through a better use of limited resources, allowing to extend the benefits of these home cares to an increasing ageing population.

Therefore, the global project mission is to improve the home care services for elderly people throughout innovative quantitative methods: new mathematical models, algorithms and systems, based on Operations Research and Analytics successfully applied to several industries. This will help decisions makers, policymakers and care managers to take better decisions leading to a positive impact on the society in terms of health, social benefit, and cost efficiency.

You can find more more details about this project in About the Project.



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The project has received funding from “la Caixa” Banking Foundation under the project code “SR0225- EPHoCaS: The social urgency of a growing elderly population: Building sustainable home care services”, through “la Caixa” Social Research Call for Proposals.