Courage runs research workshops to raise social media awareness at the RMSI School in Barcelona

Courage runs research workshops to raise social media awareness at the RMSI School in Barcelona

Students from the Reial Monestir de Santa Isabel School in Barcelona participated in training workshops offered by Courage research crew.



Junior high school students from the second year participated in the workshop “How do social media work? Design the Social Media of the future».  Members of the TIDE research group at UPF, René Lobo, Emily Theophilou, and Roberto Sánchez-Reina successfully conducted the workshop with the support of the social media platform Instareal developed by researchers of the group.


More than a hundred boys and girls benefited from this 5h training-workshop which addressed participants to observe and analyze the impact of social media on our lives. Some of the discussed themes were the digital self and the digital footprint as well as the impact of our social media navigation to our privacy and well-being.


This is the first workshop using a complete implementation of Courage narrative scripts to be implemented in Schools from Barcelona. Future workshops to discuss this and new topics will be conducted during next school year. Educational centers interested in these thematic workshops can ask for more information at Courage website. [Click here to know more about it]


To know more about Courage narrative scripts: Hernandez-Leo, D., Theophilou, E., Lobo, R., Sánchez-Reina, R., Ognibene, D., (2021) Narrative scripts embedded in social media towards empowering digital and self-protection skills, European Conference on Technology-Enhanced Learning, Springer LNCS, in press.








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