Due to an important increase in the number of applications, turnaround times during the review may become slower. 


Our goal is for the review process to follow the tentative timeline shown in the figure below:



CIREP applications are discussed and decisions made in the committee’s meetings, which are usually scheduled at the end of the month. As shown in the figure, a minimum of five weeks after the prescreening is complete and before the committee’s meeting is needed. Below we list tentative deadlines to submit an application in order for it to be considered at a given meeting.


Submission deadline

CIREP meetings

20 October 2022 24 November 2022
10 November 2022 15 December 2022
14 December 2022 25 January 2023
18 January 2023 22 February 2023
22 February 2023 29 March 2023
15 March 2023 26 April 2023
19 April 2023 24 May 2023
17 May 2023 21 June 2023
14 June 2023 19 July 2023
12 July 2023 20 September 2023
20 September 2023 25 October 2023
18 October 2023 22 November 2023
8 November 2023 20 December 2023

Please note that the review process may take longer as it depends on a variety of factors: the nature and complexity of the research project, the date of submission, the PI’s turnaround time, the volume of applications under review, etc. 


Furthermore, new applications are initially prescreened to ensure they are detailed enough to evaluate the project’s ethical and data protection implications. At this stage, it is crucial that PIs respond quickly to CIREP’s information requests or questions so that the prescreening is taken care of in a matter of days. The prescreening phase is not included in the approximate timeline.