CIREP holds a monthly meeting to discuss and review protocols. Applications should be submitted at least six weeks in advance to be considered at a given meeting. 

Meeting dates

19 January 2024
23 February 2024

22 March 2024
26 April 2024
24 May 2024
28 June 2024
19 July 2024
20 September 2024
18 October 2024
22 November 2024
20 December 2024


Timeline of the review 

Initial review of a new application: The Committee usually sends its review between 4 and 6 weeks after your application was submitted for review. 

Review of updated versions: It takes 10-15 business days to review your response to the Committee's review and the updated documentation.

Modification review: The duration of the modification review is very variable depending on whether a new review is necessary or not and the review procedure.