Center for Studies UPF in Artificial and Natural Intelligence

The Center for Studies in Artificial and Natural Intelligence (CeSANI) aims to enhance research visibility in artificial and natural intelligence at UPF. Its goal is to foster innovative research by facilitating collaboration between various disciplines. By combining the strengths of fundamental research in artificial intelligence and traditional research in natural intelligence, the center promotes cross-disciplinary inspiration, idea exchange, and advancements in each field. This approach creates opportunities for relationships between models explaining natural intelligence and computational science systems, programs, methods, and tools, that translate in both new research and education programs.

The initial steps of CeSANI are supported by the Maria de Maeztu Strategic Research Program on Artificial and Natural Intelligence for ICT and beyond (CEX2021-001195-M) of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies.


CeSANI: Center for Studies in Artificial and Natural Intelligence
Director: Anders Jonsson

Department of Information and Communication Technologies

Roc Boronat building (Poblenou campus)
Roc Boronat, 138
08018 Barcelona

[email protected]