Vés enrere Pisano, Libera

Pisano, Libera

Libera Pisano
Universidade Nova Lisboa
Assistant researcher

Libera Pisano is currently research associate at the Exzellenzcluster "Understanding Written Artefacts" at the University of Hamburg, where she has been working since 2016. She obtained her PhD in Theoretical Philosophy from La Sapienza (Rome) in 2014 with a dissertation entitled "Lo spirito manifesto. Percorsi linguistici nella filosofia hegeliana"(ETS 2016). She has worked as a research fellow at various institutions, including MCAS (Hamburg) and Humboldt University (Berlin). She is the author of several essays on the role of language in Hegel's writings, Leopold Zunz, Moses Mendelssohn, Gustav Landauer, on contemporary Jewish philosophy, on the thought of Giambattista Vico, on linguistic scepticism in German-Jewish thinkers and on the concept of Jewish Diaspora.

Academia: https://uni-hamburg.academia.edu/LiberaPisano