Vés enrere Gutiérrez Echegoyen, Pablo

Gutiérrez Echegoyen, Pablo

Investigador postdoctoral Margarita Salas

Pablo Gutiérrez Echegoyen is currently Margarita Salas postdoctoral fellow from UAB/at UPF. Previously, he was associate lecturer of the Degree in Psychology at UVic, (teaching Research Seminar, in English, History and Epistemology of Psychology, and tutoring FDP). He has a PhD in Cognitive Science and Language (SCL), an MA (official) in Cognitive Science and Language and two Licenciaturas, in Philosophy and Education sciences (with the best academic record in both). He also spent one year at the University of Heidelberg (as an undergraduate) and one term at the University of Warwick (as a PhD student). He did his PhD thesis about the nature of the relationship between attention and consciousness, integrating empirical evidence from neuroscience and experimental psychology and philosophical theory and argumentation. His areas of expertise are the philosophy of mind and psychology and the history of psychology; his main interest at present is to study the so-called phenomenon of mystical experience in their written sources not only from a philosophical and theological point of view, but also psychological. He is also interested in discussing metaphysical problems related to the philosophy of technology, in particular the problem of AI consciousness and the problem of personal identity in light of the possibility of merging in various ways with technology. He has taught thirteen different courses in the fields of philosophy, psychology, education and social sciences, including the Analytic Philosophy course for the Degree in Philosophy at UAB for three years.