Eview, a web platform for 3D simulation of electroporation-based treatments

Electroporation is a phenomenon that affects cell membrane by increasing its permeability to ions and macromolecules under the influence of high electric field pulses. This effect can be used as a tumor therapy to introduce anti-tumor drugs inside malignant cells, or disrupt cell homeostasis. However, electroporation highly depends on the setup, which consists of inserting up to six electrodes around the tumor and applying a high enough voltage between electrode pairs. To illustrate these dependencies, EView (https://eview.upf.edu) was released in November 2019, a web platform that estimates the treated volume for electroporation-based therapies using arbitrary setups. To know more about electroporation and EView, please visit https://eview.upf.edu/about. The main person behind EView, Enric Perera Bel, is a PhD student of the DTIC, and a former CBEM student. Creating a full stable platform is a very challenging tasks which requires multiple areas of expertise: scientific research, high skills in programming, and a user interface design capability. Enric established the basis of all these skills during the course of the master. Skills in programming, image processing, and user interface design were acquired in the master's thesis on the development of an interactive GPU-accelerated algorithm for placenta segmentation from ultrasound images (https://github.com/enricperera/mitkRWSegmentationPlugin). In addition, he was integrated in a research group from the beginning of the master, SIMBIOSys in his case, where he discovered that he wanted to contribute to the scientific community by improving medical interventions prognosis with treatment planning, and decided to start a PhD in treatment planning for electroporation-based therapies, which would be the context for the development of EView.