The Fractus-UPF Chair on Tech Transfer and 6G supports the research activities of the WiSeCom group at UPF, including multiple-input multiple-output transmission, sub-terahertz communication, machine learning for wireless networks, communication for unmanned aerial vehicles, smart surfaces, and cybersecurity, among other topics.

The folllowing papers have resulted thus far from research supported by the Chair:

The work "UAV Communications in Integrated Terrestrial and Non-terrestrial Networks" received the best paper award at the 2022 IEEE Global Communications Conference (GLOBECOM), the flagship event of the IEEE Communications Society.


Technology Transfer

The Fractus-UPF Chair on Tech Transfer and 6G seeks to strengthen UPF’s role as a player in the innovation ecosystem. Indeed, the Spanish university system is far stronger at producing scientific outputs than at being engines of innovation in their local surroundings or in the global scene. Addressing this weakness by capitalizing on Fractus’ experience and know-how is another mission of the Chair.

The Catalan government has accredited the WiSeCom group as a consolidated research unit for 2023-2025 with an explicit mention that "the UPF Fractus-UPF chair represents an excellent transfer door at the national level".



A final goal of the Chair is to disseminate knowledge to the general public. The ensuing activities conducted to date under the aegis of the Chair include: