Work/study with us


Our research group is accepting students interested in developing their Master or PhD theses in one of the following research subjects. 

1. Archaeobotany, geoarchaeology, palaeoenvironment and ethnoarchaeology of South Asia (India and Pakistan)

  • Residue analyses from Neolithic/Chalcolithic pottery
  • Holocene palaeoecology of the Indus Valley
  • Micromorphology of archaeological sites and sedimentary sequences
  • Network analysis of Indus Civilization resources
  • Anthracological analysis from Neolithic to Iron Age sites, use of wood resources and fuel

2. Palaeoecology, settlement and subsistence along the Limpopo (South Africa/Botswana)

  • Land use and resources of agriculturalists/herders
  • Ethnoarchaeology and use of space in current traditional villages
  • Geoarchaeology of agriculturalists/herders groups (use of space, etc.)

3. Archaeobotany and palaeoenvironment of the Amazon

  • Vegetation evolution and human occupation in Brazilian forests (Amazon, Cerrado, etc.)

4. Food consumption and diet of Mesolithic and Neolithic populations of Sudan

  • Plant micro-remains (starch/phytoliths) from dental calculus, grinding stones and other artifacts

5. Land use assessment and modeling

  • Holocene land use in Asia, Africa and South America

6. Modeling and Simulation

  • We are looking to fill post-doc positions on funded projects involving modelling and simulation


For any information please contact [email protected] or [email protected].