Work/study with us

Our research group is looking for students interested in developing their Master or PhD theses in one of the research subjects the group is currently developing through its international network. For any information please contact us.

Research themes opportunities are:

1. Archaeobotany, geoarchaeology and palaeoenvironment in South Asia (India)

  • Plant macro and micro-remains (food consumption) from Neolithic/Chalcolithic sites in North and South India
  • Holocene palaeoecology of hunter-gatherers and agro-pastoral groups in North India (North Gujarat)
  • Micromorphology of archaeological sites and of sedimentary sequences in North India (North Gujarat)
  • Anthracological analysis from Neolithic to Iron Age sites from India, use of wood resources and fuel

2. Holocene hunter-gatherers and herders: palaeoecology, settlement and subsistence on the West Coast of South Africa

  • Landscape use and group interaction among hunter-gatherers and herders on the West Coast of South Africa
  • The archaeozoology and site formation processes of large West Coast sell middens in South Africa

3. Archaeobotany and palaeoenvironment of the Amazon

  • Residue analysis from Pre-Columbian pottery
  • Plant micro-remains (starch/phytoliths) from dental calculus from Pre-Columbian forager populations
  • Vegetation evolution and human occupation in Brazilian forests

4. Food consumption and diet of Mesolithic and Neolithic populations of Sudan

  • Plant micro-remains (starch/phytoliths) from dental calculus, grinding stones and other artifacts

5. Agricultural practices and palaeoecology of the Mediterranean basin during the Islamic period (s. VIII-XIII AD)

  • Phytolith analyses from palaeosoils in farming terraces

6. Modeling and Simulation

  • We are looking to fill both pre-doc and post-doc positions on funded projects involving modelling and simulation


Erasmus Mundus fully funded Masters, PhDs and Postdocs

Within the EU Erasmus Mundus programmes AESOP and AESOP+ our research group is able to offer fully funded or 50% funded Masters and PhDs scholarships to work on South African materials in the following areas:

  1. Early hominin diet at Kromdraai and Sterkfontein (phytoliths, starch, isotopes from teeth and dental calculus).
  2. Palaeoenvironmental studies at Kromdraai and Sterkfontein (phytoliths from the sites deposits).
  3. 3D reconstruction of the "Cradle of Humankind" and end-user application for hand-held devices.

The students for the EU-EM programme will have to enrol in the postgraduate programme of the UPF and work between the UPF and one of the South African universities - with substantial time in South Africa. For the Post-doc, it is necessary to have a PhD from a Spanish university.