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Breakthrough Research in Emerging Communication Technologies: From Virtual Reality to Social Robots (#comunicació)

Breakthrough Research in Emerging Communication Technologies: From Virtual Reality to Social Robots (#comunicació)




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Take a fascinating journey to the cutting-edge research in the field of emerging communication technologies. We will review the most mind-blowing experiments in the history of Media Psychology and explore current research in two of the most important universities in the world: MIT & Stanford


Destinataris: estudiants de tercer i quart d'ESO, de primer de batxillerat o bé de cicle formatiu de grau mitjà

Places: 25

Llengua: anglès

Dates i horari:  de l'1 al 5 de juliol, de 9.30 a 14.00 h

Preu: 110 €

Lloc: campus del Poblenou

Aules: pendent



Day 1. Introduction to research with emerging communication technologies from the Media Psychology approach. Most fascinating experiments in the history of Social Psychology & Media Psychology.

Day 2. Current research at the MIT Media Lab and at the Communication Dept. at Stanford University (self-driving cars, well-being technologies, artificial intelligence…).

Day 3. Virtual Reality: current research trends.

Day 4. Social robots: current research trends.

Day 5. Hands-on activities (students will design their own experiments imagining they want to conduct breakthrough research in a projected future in which all the technologies presented during the course have largely evolved).


Teaching staff

Laura Aymerich Franch, Ramón y Cajal research fellow

CV: Dr. Aymerich Franch is a Ramón y Cajal research fellow in the Dept. of Communication at UPF and a visiting scholar at the Personal Robots Group of the MIT Media Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Before that (2014-17), she was a Marie Curie IOF postdoctoral fellow at EventLab, Universitat de Barcelona and at the CNRS-AIST Joint Robotics Laboratory in Japan. Previously (2012-14), she was a Fulbright postdoctoral scholar at Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Stanford University. She earned a PhD cum laude on Audiovisual Communication (UAB, 2010). She also holds a degree in Audiovisual Communication (UAB, 2015), and Master of Research in Behavior and Cognition (UB, 2017). Laura’s research promotes the positive applied uses of breakthrough communication technologies for the psychological well-being. Principally, she works with social robots and virtual reality. More info and publications: www.aymerichfranch.com.