I am an Associate Professor in Civil Law at Universitat Pompeu Fabra where I teach Contract Law, and Intellectual Property Law. I am the Director of the Postgraduate program in Data Protection Law and Information Security. I am also the Associate Director for Research at the Law Department. In the past, I have been a visiting researcher at Max-Planck-Institute for International and Comparative Law (2004), Yale Law School (2005-2006), and the Center for the Study of Law and Society in U.C. Berkeley (2010-2011).

My research focuses on how speech, images, and other types of information and data are regulated mainly from the standpoint of private law. I wrote a PhD thesis on the protection of advertising and other forms of commercial speech under the fundamental right of freedom of expression (Publicidad y libertad de expresión, Thomson-Civitas, 2008). Besides I have written several articles on privacy torts, data protection, and civil liability of ISPs, as well as on general tort law and products liability.

Currently my main research interests lie in the fields of art law and copyright law and policy. I am mostly interested in the enforcement of IP rights and the discussion of remedies for their infringement; and in how social norms and artistic practices may shape copyright law and practice. In this last regard my work on the cultural dimensions of copying in the visual arts and their impact on how courts decide copyright cases was recently awarded the III Rodrigo Uría Meruéndano Prize in Art Law.

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