I'm a developer in the Music Technology Group at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona, Spain.

I specialise in developing bespoke software in collaboration with academic researchers to help complete and promote their research, and providing technical and development support to the department.

I received my MA at McGill University working in the Distributed Digital Music Archives and Libraries lab

Current Projects

Acoustic Brainz Logo

AcousticBrainz is a platform for A collaboration between the MetaBrainz Foundation and the Music Technology Group, AcousticBrainz bridges the gap between leading audio analysis technology and the wider open music metadata community. I was one of the main coordinators for the launch of the platform in November 2014 and am one of the main developers working to add new features and improve the quality of the data.

Free Sound Logo

Freesound is one of the largest repositories of creative-commons licensed sounds and sound effects on the internet. It is a research project run from the Music Technology Group. I act as a system administrator and developer, integrating new features and collaborating with researchers.

Audio Commons Logo

The Audio Commons initiative is exploring new ways of encouraging the use of creative commons audio content (sounds, music, etc) in the creative industries. We are developing an ecosystem which lets tool creators connect directly to data sources (such as Freesound and Jamendo) to let the consumers of these tools access content directly. I work with the data that we have available in AcousticBrainz to help drive discovery of musical content.

Compmusic Logo

CompMusic is a project to apply state-of-the-art MIR techniques to music from India, Turkey, China, and Morroco. I act as a research assistant, helping researchers with tasks as well as maintinaing the hardware infrastructure used by the researchers. I am the primary developer of Dunya, an application which integrates research from a number of different students in the project, to present a view of Indian classical music.

Selected Publications

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