As a researcher I have been involved in many projects under the umbrilla of two high-end research groups: TALN and KnowDive

My current work with TALN research group is under the supervision of Professor Horacio Saggion at the Large-Scale Text Understanding Systems Lab.

Previously, I worked with KnowDive resreach group under the supervision of Professor Fausto Giunchiglia and the co-supervision of Dr.Gabor Bella (Master Thesis) and Dr.Abdelhakim Fraihat (Research Project).


Current research

Automatic Generation of State of the Art Reports



Previous Research

Text Simplification

Lexical and Syntactical text simplification thourgh contributing to Able to Include; a European Commission funded project which has been funded under the framework of Competitiveness and Innovation Framework programme (CIP PSP).


Master's Thesis

  • Title: Addind multilingual support for S-match the semantic matcher (NLP and Semantic Matching)
  • Supervisors: Professor Fausto Giunchiglia & Co-Supervisor PostDoc. Gabor Bella
  • Description: This thesis highlights the idea of using Universal Knowledge Base (UKC) as a linguistic oracle for the Semantic Matching Software S-match,the project is developed to act as a bridge that connects S-match with UKC,it is developed using java spring framework.


Master's Research Project

  • Title: Evaluation for Approaching Regular Polysemy in WordNet
  • Supervisors: Professor Fausto Giunchiglia & Co-Supervisor Doc. Abdelhakim Fraihat
  • Description: This research project highlights the idea of evaluating an approach that is developed to solve the polysemy problem in WordNet.