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Born and raised in the mid 90s in the tropical and free region of Maresme, doing technological-basketball research since 2010. Currently in my second year of PhD in the GPI research group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra, under the supervision of Gloria Haro and Coloma Ballester. Before becoming such a book-worm, I obtained a bachelor degree in Audiovisual Systems Engineering at Universitat Pompeu Fabra (2011), and a master degree in Vision, Graphics and Interactive Systems at Aalborg Universitet (2017, Aalborg, Denmark, cold Denmark).


Passionately curious about a broad spectrum of research topics, but currently focused on Deep Learning for Visual Recognition, doing my best to solve challenging occlusions and cluttering scenarios in the sport domain. Besides, I also coach at F.C. Barcelona, where I try to gather new ideas and test my experiments in an office-court duality.

If you want to learn why am I so obsessed with data and basketball, take a look at my CV or at this TedxUPF talk:

News! News!

[October 31st 2019] Our paper entitled "Head, Shoulders, Hip and Ball... Hip and Ball! Using Pose Data to Leverage Football Player Orientation" has been accepted as a Top-5 paper in the Barça Sports Analytics Summit (

[July 18th 2019] Our paper entitled "Single-Camera Basketball Tracker through Pose and Semantic Feature Fusion" has received the "Best Paper Award" in ICAIS2019.

[July 5th 2019] Our paper entitled "Multi-Person Tracking by Multi-Scale Detection in Basketball Scenarios" has been accepted in IMVIP2019.

[June 28th 2019] I gave a talk in the Open Day of the 4th Summer School of Deep Learning for Vision at UPC.

[June 27th 2019] "Tras el ‘tracking’ de Michael Jordan", new article in Mundo Deportivo!

[June 1st 2019] Our paper entitled "Single-Camera Basketball Tracker through Pose and Semantic Feature Fusion" has been accepted in ICAIS2019.



Department of Information and Communication Tecnologies

Edifici Tànger (campus del Poblenou)
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08018 Barcelona

 +34 93 542 14 49

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