Atrás Anna Mulà


UPF-CAE Senior Fellowship

Lawyer specialising in Animal Law and Environmental Law with experience in both the private and public spheres. She has been a pioneer in promoting legislation that improves the situation of animals, devising legal narratives that have influenced the creation and modification of regulations, consolidating the recognition of animal rights as a cross-cutting legal discipline. Intensely involved in activism, advice, drafting and legal defence of animals, she has also stood out for her participation in the legislative assemblies of various countries and in meetings of international bodies of the United Nations on the protection of biodiversity, as well as for denouncing the violation of human rights in the face of the exposure of violence towards animals. She was a member of the first Commission for the protection of animal rights in Spain (ICAB) and is a member of INTERcids, legal operators for animals. In addition, as a member of municipal bodies, she promotes public policies for the coexistence and defence of animals. She is a lecturer and coordinator of courses and master's degrees, a member of the Committee of Experts of the scientific journal JAL & IAWS and regularly publishes articles specialising in the field.