In the context of the cooperation with Barcelona Civic Lab (such as in the Gender and ICT program), the program will support the organisation of the 1st Escuela Cívica, a project aimed at sharing and promoting experiences of citizen empowerment using technology. The activities hosted by DTIC-UPF are:

  • July 13th 19h, auditorium. Documentary Primavera Ciudadana (Printemps Citoyen, teaser here), presented by the author. Free with participatory entrance. Details and registration here
  • July 14th 18:00h: Digitalización de la ciudadanía: programación como cultura, Monica Rikic (link)
  • July 19th 18:00h: Install party GNU Linux, Valeria Rogatchevskikh, PyLadies (link)
  • July 20th 18:00h: Ciudadanía Ágil. Pinar Wennerberg de Thoughworks & ColectivaT (link)