We are a think tank that creates multidisciplinary knowledge and interdisciplinary research on gender by exploring the complex interactions between gender and other aspects of social inequality such as class, identity, ethnicity, sexuality or functional diversity. The paradigms and categories traditionally employed in academic studies often reinforce gender hierarchies and inequalities. In order to allow for a better comprehension of gender roles in different historical, socio-economical and cultural contexts, our center aims to foster the discussion and research on women’s experiences, masculinities and gender systems from a feminist perspective and from different epistemological and methodological paradigms.  

Our specific goals are:

  1. Foster the research on gender from a multidisciplinary perspective.
  2. Promote the analysis of gender inequalities from a feminist paradigm.
  3. Spread the findings of research on gender carried out at UPF at national and international level, as well as making the academic community of UPF more visible.
  4. Contribute to increase awareness on gender equality both at academic community and society level. 
  5. Establish cooperation with UPF Igualtat.
  6. Counseling to university departments and personnel on gender perspective applied to research and teaching.
  7. Support gender studies in graduate education.
  8. Contribute to the creation of teaching material from a multidisciplinary gender perspective.