Back Larumbe Villareal, Edurne


Communication Department
CINEMA, Center For Aesthetic Research On Audiovisual Media
Predoctoral reseracher – Oriol-Urquijo Scholarship

Edurne Larumbe Villarreal graduated from Bilingual Audiovisual Communication at the University of Navarra (UNAV) and has a Masters degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies by Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF). Now she is pursuing her Ph. D. at the University Pompeu Fabra about abject archetypes on contemporary cinema and its visual motifs. She is also a member of the research project Representaciones del poder en España 2017-21: pandemia, cambio climático, identidades de género y conflictos raciales (MUMOVEP) [REF:PID2021-126930OB-I00] and a film critic.


Research lines:
–Gender studies
–Visual motifs
–Aesthetics and audiovisual narrative
–Comparative cinema