Back Fernandez Moreno, Ana Aitana


Departament de Comunicació
CINEMA, Aesthetic Research of Audiovisual Media Group
External member (UIC)

PhD in Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University (2019) with the thesis La cicatriz de la ausencia. Un atlas íntimo de la memoria fílmica desde la imagen-objeto about filming personal files and revealing intimacy in contemporary autobiographic documentary. She has been a PIF intern in the UPF’s Department of Communication and has taught at the ERAM University School. She has also been a visitant professor at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is currently teaching at ESAC, Tecnocampus
Mataró and CEA Study Abroad. She has collaborated in the collective book Motivos visuales del cine (Galaxia Gutenberg, 2016) and has written papers in academic journals like L’Atalante. She is also a producer and screenwriter in the documentary Pasaia Bitartean (2016, selected at the SEFF and the Márgenes festivals, among others, and screened at Anthology Film Archives) by Irati Gorostidi, with whom she is currently collaborating in other film projects. She combines her teaching and researching activity with collaborations in many film media.


Research lines

  • Comparative cinema: cinema, photography, literature
  • Cinema of the real: autobiographical essay
  • Personal memory and photography files
  • Visual motifs in film