Back Benavente Burian, Francisco Javier


Departament de Comunicació
CINEMA, Aesthetic Research of Audiovisual Media Group
Senior lecturer

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Senior lecturer and head of the Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University, where he teaches the subjects History of the Audiovisual Genre and Theory and Analysis of TV Fiction. He is also a professor of Critic History of Research Methodologies in Cinema and Audiovisual in the framework of the Master's Degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies (UPF).

A film and TV critic, he has been a member of the editorial board of the magazine Caimán - Cuadernos de Cine and Cahiers du Cinéma - España. He has also collaborated in the supplement Cultura/s of La Vanguardia. Recently, he has published the book El héroe trágico del western. El género y sus límites (2017) and has published, with Glòria Salvadó, the book Poéticas del gesto en el cine europeo contemporáneo (2013). The past few years, Fran Benavente has also published book chapters about filmmakers such as Werner Herzog or Joâo Nicolau. He has written many academic and informative papers and has collaborated in a considerable amount of books on cinema and serial fiction. Some of his activities have been working as a TV screenwriter, a cinema programmer and a film festival organizer.


Research lines

  • Comparative cinema. 
  • History of cinema.
  • Visual motifs.
  • Hermeneutics of film.
  • TV fiction theory and analysis.
  • Political forms of cinema and politics of cinematographic forms.