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Lockdown culture

The confinement of the UPF community in their homes as a consequence of COVID-19, far from wearing down people’s spirits and creativity, has served to generate new, participatory, cultural initiatives.

#ConfinART_UPF, #robaunpoema and "Truca’m i t’ho explico" are examples that demonstrate the University's dynamism and vitality.



This is a creative and playful challenge: to recreate artworks that are well known around the world. Some of the PAS members used the first weeks of confinement to let their imaginations fly, and we have gathered together the results in the project #ConfinART_UPF, thereby adding to initiatives like those of the Getty Museum or the #tussenkunstenquarantaine. 

Prèvia confinart


For #SantJordiUPF the University joined the initiative #robaunpoema at the proposal of the Library/CRAI. The idea is to “rob poems” from the spines of books that people have at home. The initiative both helps to promote literature and stimulate our creative sides. 

Prèvia robaunpoema

"Truca'm i t'ho explico"

Students from the Theatre Workshop have used confinement to share videos based on comedial texts under the title "Truca'm i t'ho explico". Video calls to bring some cheer to the university community.

Truca'm i t'ho explico