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TROMPA - Music Enthusiasts

TROMPA - Music Enthusiasts
An interactive tool for training in emotion recognition using music.

This tool is an interactive emotion recognition training with music. The goal of the music enthusiasts pilot is to train students to detect emotions in music, and to develop student self-awareness and social awareness competencies via improving student abilities to notice emotions in music and communicate about them:

  • Abilities to identify and distinguish emotions
  • Abilities to talk about emotions
  • Abilities to understand emotions such as their objective (e.g. circumplex model) versus subjective components (e.g. accumulated personal experiences)
  • Abilites to differentiate between perceived emotions and induced emotions when listening to music

Furthermore, users will be able to practice and share the acquired knowledge, providing their own annotations and exploring other users annotations. The interaction of the users with the platform will support research in the field of Music Information Retrieval (generated data will  allow the analysis of agreement, etc.) as well as in the field of Social and Emotional Learning (design principles of the platform will provide insights for learning designers to integrate and develop SEL core competencies).

Music enthusiasts tool is being actively developed as part of the TROMPA project.