Nicolas Duchateau - Post-doctoral fellow and Associate Lecturer (2012-2014).

Antonio R. Porras - PhD student (2011-2015)

Sergio Vera - Industrial doctorate (UAB) at Alma IT Systems S.L. (2010-2015) 

Alexis Bagué - Research Assistant / PhD candidate (2013-2015)

Maurizio Bordone - Industrial doctorate at Alma IT Systems S.L. (2014-2015)

Sara Noureldin - Research Assistant / PhD candidate (2014-2016)

H. Martin Kjer - Visiting PhD student, Technical University of Denmark (2014-2015)

Emma Muñoz - Visiting postdoctoral fellow, Fetal and Perinatal Medicine Research Group, Hospital Clínic (2014-2015)

Thomas Pengo - Visiting postdoctoral fellow, Center for Genomic Regulation (2014)

Esmeralda Ruiz Pujadas - Postdoctoral researcher and Associate lecturer (2014-2017)

Veronika A. Zimmer - PhD student (2012-2017) and postdoc (2017)

Oualid Benkarim- PhD student (2014-2018) and postdoc (2019)

Marta Nuñez- PhD student (2014-2018) 

Guillermo Ruiz-  Industrial doctorate at Crisalix (2014-2018) 

Marina Nicolas - Project Manager  (2017-2018)

MSc Students

Reagh, Justin J. - Whitaker Fellow, MSc student. Agent-based model to simulate intervertebral disc degeneration.

Undergraduate Students

Dejea, Héctor - Biomedical engineering diploma thesis. Cochlear implant simulation

Romera, Jordi - Dual studies of the degrees of Computer Science and Audiovisual Systems. Multi-object statistical shape model of the inner ear.