This page provides you with the source codes of the computations underlying

Andrzejak RG, Ruzzene G, Malvestio I. 2017. Generalized synchronization between chimera states. Chaos. 27(5): 053114

If you use the source codes, please make sure that you give a reference to the manuscript. (The correct way to cite this paper is shown above, no page numbers should be given.)

Source code

In order to understand the source code, you should first read the manuscript. To find the pdf-file, please follow the link at the top of this page.

Below you find a matlab script with the source code. The source code is commented. If you have problems in understanding how certain parts of the code work, please contact us. We will try to comment the corresponding part of the code and upload a new version.

Before publishing the source code, we have simplified it and reduced it to the essentials to allow for a better understanding. We furthermore matched variable names in the source code to those in the manuscript. We are confident that, also with these simplifications and changes, the source code contains no bugs. However, if you encounter problems or bugs, please contact us.

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