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Modulation tactile processing with rhythmic TMS entrainment

  • Authors
  • Ruzzoli, M.; Soto-Faraco, S.
  • UPF authors
  • Type
  • Articles de recerca
  • Journal títle
  • Seeing and perceiving
  • Publication year
  • 2013
  • Volume
  • Sup.
  • Number
  • 25
  • Pages
  • 152-0
  • ISSN
  • 1878-4755
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  • Publicat
  • Abstract
  • . Furthermore, the effect of pre-stimulus entrainment of 10 and 20 Hz activity in S1 is not univocal when arrhythmic TMS is engaged [experiment 3]. Altogether, the present findings suggest that the functional role in tactile processing of alpha frequency in IPS is specific to the interaction with the external world, indicating similarities between senses (vision and touch) in the communication between top-down (parietal) and primary sensory areas (V1 or S1). Pre-stimulus S1 rTMS might affect performance regardless of the frequency engaged, that is, when the stimulus is absent (pre-stimulus) TMS decreases cortical excitability in S1.
  • Complete citation
  • Ruzzoli, M.; Soto-Faraco, S.. Modulation tactile processing with rhythmic TMS entrainment. Seeing and perceiving 2013; Sup.(25).