Current lab members

  • Arianne Bercowsky (master student)

    Free-form modeling of single-cell dynamics

  • Lara Escuain (PhD student)

    Data assimilation in mesoscopic brain models

  • Carmen Fuentes (master student)

    Information processing in gene regulatory networks

  • Letícia Galera (PhD student)

    Bacterial responses to antibiotic stress

  • Keith Kennedy (master student)

    Global architecture of transcriptional oscillations

  • Rosa Martinez Corral (PhD student)

    Spatiotemporal organization of cellular systems

  • Laura Mora (master student)

    Decision making in embryonic development

  • Pablo Ruiz (PhD student)

    Dynamical correlates of aging

  • Miquel Sas

    Lab manager

  • Carlos Toscano (PhD student)

    Bacterial dynamics in stationary conditions


  • Elena Abad (postdoc 2012-2016)

    Signaling and cell dynamics in the immune system
    Currently at Thomson-Reuters, Barcelona

  • Joao Ascensao (visiting Fulbright student 2017)

    Dynamical cell regulation
    Currently at University of California, Berkeley

  • Pablo Balenzuela (postdoc 2005-2007)

    Dynamics of neuronal systems
    Currently at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Alessandro Barardi (PhD student 2013-2015)

    Collective neural oscillations
    Currently at Unicredit, Milan, Italy

  • Bernat Bramon (master student 2014)

    Dynamics of infection
    Currently at University of Canterbury, New Zealand

  • Grace Brooks (master student 2015)

    Dynamics of the immune response
    Currently at McGill University, Canada

  • Javier M. Buldú (PhD student 1999-2003)

    Entrainment of semiconductor lasers: noise, modulation and synchronization
    Currently at Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid

  • Marta Dies (PhD student 2011-2015)

    Coupled dynamical processes in bacteria
    Currently at the Institute of Photonic Sciences, Barcelona

  • Núria Domedel-Puig (postdoc 2008-2011)

    Signaling dynamics in the immune system
    Currently at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

  • Lorena Espinar (PhD student 2008-2012)

    Dynamics of cellular decision making
    Currently at Center for Genomic Regulation, Barcelona

  • Marçal Gabaldà (PhD student 2012-2017)

    Information processing in gene and protein networks
    Currently at Bigfinite, Barcelona

  • Nara Guisoni (postdoc 2012-2013)

    Decision making in stem cells
    Currently at Universidad Nacional de La Plata, Argentina

  • Cristina M. González (PhD student 2004-2009)

    Dynamical behavior of delay-coupled semiconductor lasers
    Currently at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • Thomas Holst-Hansen (visiting PhD student 2015)

    Dynamics of natural killer cells
    Currently at Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark

  • Marit Hoffmeyer (master student 2014)

    Dynamics of bacterial biofilms
    Currently at University of Bremen, Germany

  • Marta Ibañes (PhD student 1997-2001)

    Noise-induced phase transitions
    Currently at Universitat de Barcelona

  • Maciej Jedynak (PhD student 2012-2017)

    Mesoscopic brain models
    Currently at Grenoble Institute of Neuroscience, France

  • Daniel Malagarriga (PhD student, 2012-2017)

    Syncronization and emerging behavior of neural mass models
    Currently at Universitat de Barcelona

  • Josep Mercadal (master student 2016)

    Dynamics of the immune response to virus infection
    Currently at Universitat de Barcelona

  • Sebastian Ohse (visiting PhD student 2014)

    Criticality in gene networks
    Currently at University of Freiburg, Germany

  • Nicolàs Palacio (master student 2016)

    Modeling in vitro Min oscillations
    Currently at RWTH Aachen University, Germany

  • Antonio J. Pons (postdoc 2007-2010)

    Mesoscopic brain dynamics
    Currently at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • Elba Raimundez (master student 2016)

    Pulsatile behavior in cellular signaling
    Currently at Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany

  • Pau Rué (PhD student 2010-2013)

    Noise and excitability in cellular regulation
    Currently at Alpha, Barcelona

  • Belén Sancristóbal (PhD student 2010-2013)

    Collective neuronal oscillations
    Currently at Universitat Pompeu Fabra

  • Jordi Tiana-Alsina (PhD student 2007-2011)

    Dynamics and synchronization of semiconductor lasers
    Currently at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

  • Ekkehard Ullner (postdoc 2008-2009)

    Noise in excitable systems and circadian oscillators
    Currently at University of Aberdeen, UK

  • Jordi Zamora-Munt (PhD student 2007-2011)

    Nonlinear and stochastic dynamics of semiconductor lasers