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Gender and the labour market: What do we know from field experiments? RecerCaixa Workshop

Gender and the labour market: What do we know from field experiments? RecerCaixa Workshop


Gender and the labour market: What do we know from field experiments?

RecerCaixa Workshop

Barcelona, Spain 26th - 27th April 2018


Room: 24.104 (Mercè Rodoreda building)

Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27

08005 Barcelona



This workshop brings together national and international experts who are contributing to the experimental literature to improve our understanding of gender differences and their relevance on labour market outcomes. Experiments are a methodological response to some of the weaknesses inherent in the regression approach to discrimination on conventional survey data. Experiments also offer new insights into the consequences of gender stereotypes, prejudices or directly discriminatory behaviour for workers in different segments of the labour market and at different stages of the occupational career. Most of the evidence on gender traits comes from the lab, while new projects based on real job market and human resources selection processes are recently revealing new and challenging results.

This workshop addresses critical questions on gender inequalities such as whether mothers are penalized in the workplace, whether we can avoid gender bias in hiring processes; whether mothers and atypical fathers (caregivers) can overcome doubts about their workplace commitment; or to what extent can policy reforms transform social norms and defeat current gender stereotypes and barriers for gender equality at workplaces.

The main part of the workshop will discuss recent research findings by the assigned authors and discussants. Assigned authors are expected to present a paper for 30 minutes, and we will have about 15 minutes for questions, comments and suggestions from the discussant and the general audience.

The workshop is hosted by the Department of Political and Social Science at the Pompeu Fabra University. You are kindly invited to attend the workshop (free of charge). Registration is necessary as capacity is limited. Please register soon, writing an email to M. José González (e-mail: [email protected]u).



Thursday, April 26th


15.00-15.15 Welcome

M. José González


Session 1: Survey data

Chair: Juan Ignacio Martínez Pastor

15.15-15.45 “Explaining the motherhood wage penalty during the Great Recession in Spain”

Authors:  Marta Domínguez-Folgueras, María José González and Irene Lapuerta

Discussants: Daniel Oesch


Session 2: Audit studies

Chair: Teresa Jurado-Guerrero

16.00-16.30   “Does gender discrimination against women vary according to individual and job characteristics in Spain?”

Author: Clara Cortina, Jorge Rodríguez, M. José González

Discussants: Emilio J Castilla


~ 15’ Coffee break ~

Session 3: Factorial surveys

Chair: Clara Cortina

17.00-17.30    “Positive Consequences of Being “Like a Man”: a Factorial Survey Experiment on Job Promotion”

Author: Irina Fernandez, M. José González, Teresa Jurado, Juan Ignacio Martínez Pastor

Discussants: Valentina Di Stasio 

17.45-18.15 “The wage penalty for motherhood: Evidence on discrimination from panel data and a survey experiment for Switzerland”

Authors:  Daniel Oesch & Patrick McDonald

Discussants:  Luis Ortiz Gervasi

~ Dinner ~


Friday, April 27th


Session 3: Factorial surveys (cont.)

10.15-10.45 “Is It Only The Money That Counts? Experimental Evidence on Gender-Specific Job Preferences”

Author: Katrin Auspurg - Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich

Discussant: Jorge Rodríguez


Session 4: Lab experiments

Chair: Jorge Rodríguez

11.00-11.30 “Double burdens? A field experiment on the role of ethnicity and gender in employers' hiring decisions".

Author: Valentina Di Stasio  

Discussant: Teresa Jurado-Guerrero


~ 15’ Coffee break ~


11.45-12.15 “Dynamic processes behind social identities, including gender and profession: Correlational and experimental evidence?”

Author: Verònica Benet

Discussants: Patrick McDonald

12.30-13.00 “Language and Gender in the Online Job-Matching Process”.

Author: Emilio J Castilla - MIT Sloan School of Management

Discussant: Katrin Auspurg

~ 13.45-15:00 Lunch ~

15.00-15.30 “Another gender bias? Credit attribution to mixed gender teams”.

Author: Klarita Gërxhani

Discussant: Marta Domínguez-Folgueras

15.45-16:00 'What We Talk About When We Talk About Gender Discrimination’

Author: Jorge Rodríguez