MA in Sociological and Demographic Research

The Sociology Section offers an innovative  Master in Sociological and Demographic Research that aims to provide the necessary substantive and methodological tools to understand the socio-demographic logic and structure of advanced societies. The  MA in Sociological and Demographic Research provides strong theoretical and statistical foundations for the study of:

  • Social stratification, social mobility and gender inequalities
  • Migration
  • Life cycle dynamics and family behavior
  • Comparative social and labor market policies

Entry Requirements

  • To hold a university degree in the field of social science, law, humanities or health sciences  
    • With a minimum of  180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits, if taking it as a standalone course 
    • With a minimum of  240 ECTS credits, if the student wishes to continue into the PhD program
  • A good mastery of the English language as proved by having attained a minimum of 83 points in the TOEFL, or a score of 7 in the IELTS, or a Cambridge certificate in Advanced English

Our Substantive Interests

We explore the social consequences of the emerging  new service economy and demographic structure. We are in particular interested in their impact on occupational change, on women's role in the economy and on family life. And we explore how public policies affect occupational change and help reconcile work and family life, influence citizens' decisions to have children as well as the family relations across generations.

Our interest in social mobility stems very much from the ongoing polarizing trends in income, earnings and employment. The new knowledge economy tends to favor strong skills and to penalize those with few qualifications. This implies heightened risks of exclusion and inferior life chances. Our aim is to identify the key factors, particularly related to family life, that influence life chances and the opportunity structure.  

PhD Studies

The Sociology Section of the UPF has a PhD program  in Sociology open to good students who wish to do rigorous empirical research in the area. Applicants are required to hold an MA in Sociology or related field in the Social Sciences with extensive methodological training, equivalent to the MA in Sociology and Demography offered by the Section (research mode).  The PhD program lasts normally for four year, with  a first year dedicated to acquiring further training, if needed, and to prepare the PhD proposal. Students are closely supervised by one or two members of staff and participate fully in the academic life of the Section. We make an effort to  support financially our students by offering several PhD research and teaching scholarships. Our PhD program has a solid international reputation. Some of our graduates are now working at top academic institutions in the world,  like Princeton and Yale.