Back Raising Social Media Awareness during the Day of Science in Barcelona

Raising Social Media Awareness during the Day of Science in Barcelona

Last november 17th, researchers, Davinia Hernández-Leo, Roberto Sánchez-Reina, René Lobo, Emily Thephilopu, members of the courage project from TIDE group in Barcelona joined the Science Day in Schools as part of the Catalan Science Week. The event took place virtually and was shared via streaming with participant schools from different provinces in Catalonia.


Designing the social media of the future 


For one more time the Catalan Foundation of Science and Innovation (FCRI as in catalan) invited universities, research centers and schools for the Science Week. At the event, participant schools and their students are invited to conferences, workshops and activities to get to know more about science, research and innovation.


As part of this event, members of the Courage project called participant schools for a challenge “Draw the social media of the future”. More than 20 schools sent their prototypes and shared their thoughts and concerns regarding the social media. During the online session, professors Hernandez Leo and Sanchez-Reina commented on some of the most curious designs and answered some questions raised by students.

The Science Week is a yearly event organized by the FCRI and the Catalan Government. It encompasses different activities to approach young people to science, research and its dissemination.





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