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HRW Team: Workshop on Gender and Diversity



On April 12, 2023 the Dr. Johanna Börsting and Veronica Schwarze from the COURAGE team
at HRW conducted a workshop on Gender and Diversity that also covered insights on the
COURAGE approach. The workshop was embedded in a lecture series on SDGs (Agenda 2030)
in the course Positive Computing and Diversity in Human-Computer Interaction offered by
Prof. Dr. Sabrina Eimler and her team. About 30 students from HRW in Bottrop (Germany) and
Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) listened to a presentation about diversity
on social media and discussed what diversity means to them or where they miss it in everyday
life. In a two-day hackathon held as part of the overall course, the students directly
implemented the impressions and ideas they had gained. Here, several teams worked on
solutions for various challenges related to AI, social robotics, Social Media, VR and AR, and
circular economy, all considering aspects from Positive Computing and diversity approaches.
Innovative ideas for shaping a better, more diverse, fairer, and more sustainable digital future
were pitched at the end of the hack.





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