Back Courage joins the Learn to Check event in Barcelona

Courage joins the Learn to Check event in Barcelona



The fight against misinformation received a significant boost as researchers from the Courage Project, Davinia Hernández Leo and J. Roberto Sánchez Reina, joined the Learn to Check event. This event, organized by journalist Nereida Carrillo in collaboration with the American Spaces network in Spain, received support from the U.S. Embassy in Spain and the U.S. Consulate General in Barcelona.

Misinformation affects us all, and on a daily basis, we encounter false content intentionally created and disseminated to deceive and exploit us. In response to this growing challenge, Learn to Check was born in 2020 with a mission to educate young people on digital content verification and empower them to be resilient against disinformation.

Professors Hernández-Leo and Sánchez-Reina, researchers from the Courage Project, joined the workshop sessions of the Learn to Check event conducting two insightful activities. The sessions, titled "Designing More Democratic Social Networks: Using the Pyramid App in the Classroom, introduced participants to the reflection of how to prevent the harmful effects of social media on children and teens’ self-esteem.

The Courage Project, known for its commitment to fostering digital literacy and enhancing online civic engagement, is at the forefront of initiatives combating misinformation and fake news. The project's involvement in Learn to Check was a testament to their dedication to improving the digital landscape.

Similar to the Courage Project’s mission, learn to check aims to combat the risks and challenges of misinformation. The Learn to Check Platform provides an abundance of resources on its website. These resources encompass a wide array of content, from books and manuals to videos and scientific articles. This rich collection is meticulously designed to empower educators with the necessary tools to orchestrate classes and workshops dedicated to addressing the issue of false content. 



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