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Departament d'Humanitats
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
ICREA Research Professor

Sandra Montón Subías is an archaeologist with broad interests in social and theoretical archaeology. She is committed to a feminist archaeology, and to the understanding of Gender and Maintenance Activities both in the past and the present. Since October 2011, she has added the Archaeology of Modern Spanish Colonialism and the First Globalization to her research interests (traditionally focused on the archaeology of the Bronze Age Mediterranean).

Sandra is currently PI in the projects GenderGLOBAL-De la prehistoria a la modernidad reciente en Manislan  Mariånas, financed by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitivity, and  Aberigua. Arqueología del Contacto Cultural y Colonialismo Ibérico en Guam y  Manislan Mariånas  (Aberigua. Archaeology of Iberian Cultural Contact and Colonialism in Guam and  Manislan Mariånas ), financed by Palarq Foundation and the Spanish Ministry of Culture. Since 2015, she is also co-director of the archaeological excavations conducted at different locations in the island of Guam. These excavations and the previous projects aim to understand better processes of identity, change and continuity that relate to the incorporation of the Mariana Islands by the colonial network of the Spanish empire, with a special emphasis on the consequences that colonial sexual politics had on maintenance activities and the native bodies.

Her more recent publications include "Gender, Missions, and Maintenance Activities in the Early Modern Globalization: Guam 1668-98" (International Journal of Historical Archaeology 23, 2019), "Descolonizar despatriarcalizando, despatriarcalizar descolonizando. Algunas reflexiones sobre el colonialismo, el patrimonio y la memoria histórica" (Complutum 32, 2022) y "Margins are central: identity and Indigenous resistance to colonial globalization in Guam" (World Archaeology 53, 2021, with Boyd Dixon). A wider record of her publications can be consulted at ICREA and at Academia.

Sandra is now an ICREA Research Professor at Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain), where she teaches "Archaeologies of Colonialism: Past and Present" and "Gender, Sexuality, and Diversity".