We welcome you to the pages of our master on Computational Biomedical Engineering. This research master is offered by the Department of Information and Communication Technologies and the Department of Experimental and Health Science of the University Pompeu Fabra (UPF) in Barcelona. Visit the section Alma Mater to learn more about theses institutions.

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Why does our modern society need biomedical engineers?

The European Union framework programme for research and innovation has identified eight societal challenges. The first challenge is 'health, demographic change and wellbeing'. To cope with this challenge requires progress in fields such as medicine, biology, engineering, physics, information technologies, applied mathematics, to name only a few. However, to go beyond progress in individual scientific disciplines we need a solid interface that connects these fields and that grows along with their fast advance. This multidisciplinary interface is constructed by biomedical engineers.

Who is behind our Master?

We are a consortium of research groups at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies and the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences of the University Pompeu Fabra. Our aim is to host and mentor talented students not only during their master studies but potentially also for subsequent PhD studies. Our research groups are world renowned for their scientific contributions and are also at the vanguard of technology transfer. This excellence is reflected in outstanding quality of the content we are committed to offer to the master students. 

What educational approach does our Master take?

Our master clearly focuses on research projects. The numerous research publications by students of our master program show the success of this approach. Each student will be hosted and mentored by one of the research groups. We will take the background and interests of the individual students into account when assigning the student to a certain research group. The students will carry out their master thesis in their research group. Beyond that they will be embedded in the daily activities of these groups such as the participation in reading groups, journal clubs, or regular interaction with junior researchers and supervisors. The language of our master is 100% English.

What scientific approach does our Master focuses on?

Computational techniques in biomedical engineering are the main focus of our master. This comprises the quantitative analysis of biomedical images and signals as well as the modeling of living organisms and medical devices. Starting at the cellular level up to the level of whole organisms, the different analysis and modeling projects cover many different scales of biological organization. 

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