The Barcelona International Summer School (BISS) is far more than just a series of courses. It is an opportunity to learn about exciting topics of your choice and also to engage with the BISS community beyond the classroom, to meet other students from a variety of backgrounds and to explore the city and UPF.

Our evening programme offers exciting social and cultural activities to enjoy Barcelona with fellow local and international students. The activities explore issues such as science, wellbeing, sustainability and social impact, and promote the exchange of ideas across disciplines and subject areas. 
All evening activities are open to BISS students and lecturers and are included in the tuition fee. Each activity has limited spots and will be assigned on a first come first served basis.

The programme below is only an example and is subject to change. The complete programme will be updated once available. A link to register will be shared with the admitted participants.

Make sure to join our social programme and become part of the BISS community!


Programme of activities of the Barcelona International Summer School 2023: Activate your summer!

1. Walking tour



This activity is a guided evening tour on foot led by the Association Casa de la Barceloneta, where several members of the UPF community volunteer to uncover the history of the city’s fishing quarter. The guided tour will reveal the past of Barceloneta, its urban growth and its popular character. 

The tour will be followed by a welcome drink on the beach.


  • Tuesday, 4 July
  • Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  • Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus | End point: Barceloneta beach

2. Spain/Europe on the screen



Audiovisual and digital communication are the languages of our generation. Film and television remain powerful tools to narrate stories, to spread messages and to shape identities.

Participants will watch the screening of a movie, which will be followed by a discussion led by UPF faculty to analyse the shaping of an image of Spain/Europe through audiovisual languages.

Afterwards, a drink will allow for a more informal chat to discuss these and other topics and meet new people.


  •  Date: Thursday, 6 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Ciutadella campus (Room TBA)

3. Bike tour of green spaces in Poblenou


Discover the urban spaces surrounding UPF with the BISS. Poblenou, the old industrial neighbourhood, is an ever changing area and a hotspot for youth leisure today. Nicknamed “The Manchester of Southern Europe” due to the textile factories which once populated the area, Poblenou is today a hub of artist workshops and for communication and IT start-ups and laboratories for innovation.

Poblenou is a perfect place to learn about sustainable mobility and urban planning as well, with its superilles (megablocks), with their community gardens and cycle paths. The activity is organized in cooperation with the Barcelona Laboratory for Urban Environmental Justice and Sustainability.

Join us for an evening bike tour of one of the most popular districts of Barcelona and discover its history on the move!


  •  Date: Tuesday, 11 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus | End point: UPF Poblenou Campus

4. Enter a molecular metaverse!



The Health and Life Sciences School at UPF is part of the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), a leading scientific research hub in Southern Europe. 

Immerse yourself in the virtual reality of a molecular metaverse. You will get into a protein and experiment with the molecular design of a drug or medicine. Afterwards a tour of the PRBB building will allow you to discover the UPF Biology Labs, located in an architectural wonder, and finish the evening with a cocktail on the seafront provided by solidarity catering service Canpedró.


  •  Date: Thursday, 13 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus | End point: Biomedical Research Park (UPF Health and Life Sciences Campus)

5. Join the “Trash Tribe”!



Since its foundation as a Roman colony, Barcelona has had a long-standing relationship with the sea. During the Middle Ages, the city developed its maritime outlook and became the capital of a Mediterranean, despite the fact that it didn’t have a proper port yet. The beach functioned as the natural space for shipbuilding, trade and collective leisure. Later, the city turned its back on the sea during the industrial revolution and today Barcelona has re-encountered its beaches and has made them an essential part of its citizen’s life.Preserving the beaches for the next generations is, therefore, a social responsibility and a commitment with nature.

We invite you to join us in an environmental volunteering activity to collect waste on the beach at the time of the year when it is at its peak. The collected waste will be recycled, and your participation will be an opportunity to give back to the Barcelona community and to raise awareness among others.

An evening dip in the Mediterranean will bring the event to a perfect close, organized in cooperation with Pure Clean Earth/Environmental Volunteering in Catalonia.


  •  Date: Tuesday, 18 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus | End point: TBA

6. UPF Art Track: discover UPF heritage


Join a fascinating tour of the emblematic buildings of the Ciutadella campus, where you can enjoy the works donated to the University by internationally renowned contemporary artists and learn the historical value of our Social Sciences and Humanities campus.

The tour will end with a cocktail provided by solidarity catering service Canpedró.


  •  Date: Thursday, 20 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus

7. Mind and body: yoga at sunset



Participate in our UPF Sports service for a yoga class at Parc de la Ciutadella. Finish your day of campus activities by sharing a moment of wellbeing to enhance your concentration and attention skills, be conscious of your body and breathing and develop a positive attitude.

Do it at sunset and in nature, in the vibrant Parc de la Ciutadella.


  •  Date: Tuesday, 25 July
  •  Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  •  Meeting point: Agora, Ciutadella campus

8. Solidarity Farewell Party: UPF Bands for Ukraine



Music is important at UPF. From the Music and Technology research labs to the University choir, from our chamber orchestra to the student bands, music is essential at any event. Join us to celebrate another successful edition of the BISS by attending an on-campus concert of the UPF Student Bands, followed by a farewell cocktail provided by solidarity catering service Canpedró.

The concert is free of charge, but it is a PWYW event. Taking will be donated to an NGO working to support refugees from Ukraine.

Don’t miss this opportunity to have fun with your BISS friends, and bring your Barcelona friends as well to toast to the next edition of the BISS!


  • Date: Thursday, 27 July
  • Meeting time: 6:00 pm
  • Meeting point: Jaume I courtyard, Ciutadella campus

Registration available after completing course enrollment

This programme is subject to change.