Speech Production and Bilingualism

Our research group, headed by Dr. Albert Costa (1970 - 2018), forms part of the Center of Brain and Cognition in the Department of Technology of the Universitat de Pompeu Fabra.

We are interested in the cognitive and brain basis of the speech production process, with a special emphasis on bilingual speech production.

More in particular our research can be divided in the following areas of investigation:

  • Brain Basis of Bilingualism: Language Control in Bilingual Speakers
  • Costs and Benefits associated with bilingualism
  • Sentence comprehension in a second language
  • Understanding accented speech 
  • Producing language in different modalities 
  • Alignment in Bilingual Dialogue 
  • Speech production and language control in bilinguals with neurodegenerative diseases 
  • Memory for faces and names in patients with Alzheimer’s disesase 

Our investigation includes behavioural methodologies as well as physiological measurements

Speech Production and Bilingualism

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