Together for a joyful world

A self reflection module about Appreciation, including a video is followed by questions which help reflect about values.

Author: VSET (Vishwa Seva Educational Trust)
Access: Together for a joyful world

Keywords: Appreciation, values, gratitude, recognition

Self Reflection Cards

Cards to use as a tool for promoting self-reflection.

Author: TES
Access: Self Reflection Cards

Keywords: Self-reflection, cards, assessment

Self reflection and personal development

A poster aimed at character development in young people.

Author: Inspire Apire Global Citizens in the Making
Access: Self reflection and personal development

Keywords: Character development, ideals, values

The Challenge Toolkit

The Challenge Toolkit provides 50 different activities to stretch and extend students’ thinking.

Author: Mike Gershon
Access: The Challenge Toolkit

Keywords: Challenge, think critically


A toolkit for young people to promote self-awarness

Author: Act for Youth
Access: Self-awarness

Keywords:Identity, personality, learning styles, emotional intelligence

Guide on Stress and Self-Care management

Guide on stress and self-care management for professionals working with minors and youth on the move survivors of gender-based violence

Author: ARSIS
Access: Guide on Stress and Self-Care management

Keywords: Stress, self-care, professionals, gender-based violence