30 Problem Solving Scenarios

Hypothetical scenarios that require application to practice problem solving through communication.

Author: Home speech home
Access: 30 Problem Solving Scenarios

Keywords: Problem solving, hypothetical scenarios, effective communication

Blockbusters communication

A game to improve communication skills.

Author: TES
Access: Blockbusters communication

Keywords: Effective communication, communication skills

Communication skills

Four power points about different communication skills (listening, body language, giving feedback and understanding)

Author: TES
Access: Communication skills

Keywords: Listening, body language, giving feedback, understanding

Communicating effectively

Guidance for social workers to communicate effectively with children and young people

Author: UK Department for Education
Download: Communicating effectively (PDF)

Keywords: Rights, listening, relationships

Children and young people's views

Report about young people's views about communication

Author: The Communication Trust
Download: Children and young people's views (PDF)

Keywords: Speech, language, personalised learning