Hybridomas are obtained by fusing normal B lymphocytes with a myeloma (tumor B cell line). Thus, a cloned hybridoma cell line has an unlimited capacity to grow in culture, producing immunoglobulin molecules with identical structure and antigen specificity, termed monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), which may have a wide variety of applications.



Monoclonal antibodies specific for molecules expressed by leukocytes, termed “leukocyte differentiation antigens” (CD) are used in biomedical research, as well as for the detection of biomarkers with diagnostic, prognostic and/or therapeutic interest in the clinical management of different diseases. Our clone UP-H2 was validated in the panel for the diagnosis of a subset of acute myeloid leukemias according to Euroflow, a consortium funded by the European Union to define suitable markers for hematopoietic malignancies.



HP-1F7 HLA class I IgG1
HP-3D9 CD94 IgG1
HP-3B1 CD94 IgG2b
HP-3G10 CD161 IgG1
HP-4B3 CD69 IgG1
HP-F1 ILT2 (LIR1, CD85j, LILRB1) IgG1
HP-MA4 CD158 (KIR2DL1/S1/S3/S5) IgG2
HP-3E4 CD158 (KIR2DL1/S1/S3/S4/S5) IgM
UP-D1 CD300f (IREM-1) IgG1
UP-D2 CD300f (IREM-1) IgG1
UP-H1 CD300e (IREM-2) IgG2a
UP-H2 CD300e (IREM-2) IgG1
UP-R1 CD158f (KIR2DL5) IgG1




All our hybridoma cell lines are licensed under the following conditions:
  • Worldwide license
  • Non-exclusive license
  • An up-front payment
  • Royalty on Sales
  • Without any right to sublicense


All these clones are available for licensing.


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Hybridoma cell line, monoclonal antibody.
Ref: TEC0072

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