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Generative Music AI Workshop

Phonos collaborates in a workshop on Generative Music AI for technologists and musicians organized by The Sound of AI and the Music Technology Group, that will take place at the UPF from December 11 to 15, 2023


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Generative music employing deep learning methods is emerging as a poweful technological approach for music composition. While a wealth of information is accessible from various sources, not all maintain the required academic and technical rigor, limiting the value for stakeholders. In this workshop we want to contribute to the development of this field by offering an educational framework in which people with either technical or musical background can develop the needed competences for becoming active in the field of Generative Music AI.

This is a hands-on event, focused on practical experience with a sprinkling of discussions on AI in music. Participants will self-organize into 10 dynamic teams, each consisting of 2 music tech specialists and 1 musician. Together, they'll harness the power of AI to craft original compositions.

The workshop is the culmination of the Generative Music AI Course available for free on The Sound of AI YouTube channel (from November 1st to first week of December, 2023) This course offers the essential theoretical and practical knowledge required for the workshop.

We welcome 30 participants: 20 from the tech side (like AI music engineers and MIR researchers, music tech hackers) and 10 musicians.

Participants are encouraged to view the complimentary lectures from the Generative Music AI Course on The Sound of AI YouTube channel.

The workshop is organized by the Sound of AI, in partnership with the Music Technology Group, with the support of Phonos and the Engineeting school ETIC-UPF.

Registration and Fees: The workshop fee is €150, and seats are secured on a first-come, first-served basis. Registration opens on November 13th at 10 AM (CET)


More details: https://www.upf.edu/web/mtg/generative-music-ai-workshop



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